Twenty-Four Aubane Historical Society Pamphlets:—
Free Downloads

The Aubane Historical Society is grateful to Alan Brick, of Millstreet ancestry, now living in South Africa. Alan did all the work scanning these books and making PDF files from the scans. We're sure all the many who download these documents free from this site will join us in saying "Thanks, Alan!"
A Millstreet Medley (3.4mb) A Millstreet Miscellany (5.9mb) Aubane: Where In The World Is It A Millstreet Miscellany (2) (2.2mb) All The Owners Of Land In Cork In 1872 (7.9mb)
Aubane: Where In The World Is It? (7.9mb) Evidence To The Parnell Commission (6.3mb) Local Evidence To The Devon Commission (288kb) Millstreet—A "Considerable" Town (5.1mb)
Millstreet—The Cockpit Of Ireland (4.3mb) Notes On The History Of Millstreet (1.2mb) The Origin & Development Of The Parish Of Millstreet by Fr. Seán Tucker (736kb) Why Millstreet's History Needs To Be Written (84kb)

Aubane Versus Oxford (884kb)

The 'Boys' Of The Millstreet Battalion Area (1.99mb)

The Burning Of Cork: an eyewitness account by Alan J. Ellis (2.35mb)

Aubane School And Its Roll Books, 1913 - 74 (4mb)

Canon Sheehan: A Turbulent Priest (144kb)

A Millstreet Miscellany (3) (4.8mb)

A Millstreet Miscellany (4) (5.3mb)

A Millstreet Miscellany (5) (3.1mb)

A Millstreet Miscellany (6) (2.1mb)

A Millstreet Miscellany (7) (5.5mb)

William O'Brien And His World (56kb)

The Marriage of Mary Ascension by George Egerton (1.0mb)

Alan advises people using Microsoft Windows: "the built-in download manager for Internet Explorer versions 6 or below are notoriously slow. You can check your version number by going to the Internet Explorer menu - click on "file" and then click on "help" and then click on "about Internet Explorer". If your IE version number is 6 or below I would suggest downloading a standalone download manager. A very good free one is FlashGet which can be downloaded from It might save you a lot of heartache."

An anonymous nerd advises people using Mac Os X to download Camino which is very fast.

People using Linux generally know what they're doing.

Some of these downloads will be out of the reach of people who don't have broadband connections. If you're in that position please email here and we'll see about sending the files on CD.


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